Monday, June 4, 2012

A much need break

I decided to take a short break from Melanoma. Luckily, having just had clean scans last month, I am able to do this for a short while. 
This has been a very tough few months for my warriors. We sadly have lost way too many wonderful people recently and have had some very near and dear friends have their Melanoma rear its ugly head again. And to be honest, it is all a bit more than I am emotional able to handle right now. It upsets me to even say that because I truly wish I was stronger and able to continue to give my friends words of support, but hopefully time removed will allow me to do that again very soon. I love you all and continue to pray my little heart out for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!
So as I said my last scans were thankfully all clear..big smile..and my three month treatment went somewhat smoothly (Im officially a year through, 2 more to go!) As usual right before I receive my treatment I am able to talk with my superb team of Dr.'s, during this time (as much as I tried to keep it in)I sort of broke down about my fears and my intense feelings of hurt and sadness for my fellow warriors. Dr. Wonder made me promise for my own health to pulled a way from Facebook and Melanoma groups for a short, but much needed break. He said I put on a strong "face" way to often and its ok to have these feelings but I need some time to focus on other wonderful things in my life. Thank you Dr. Wonder for always knowing the right things to say to help my family and I cope through these tough times. 
Well after I got home from my long but sort of FUN treatment day at Sloan(we visited the arts and craft center), I somehow convinced my mom to take me to  Pet Palace to just "look" at the puppies. Well needless to say the looking part turned into falling in love!!! They had so many adorable puppies there, but one of them seemed to be saying "Julie TAKE ME HOME." And thats how I got my first son, Jax.. and I couldn't be more happier. He has made me smile everyday since I held him in my arms. He is smart, cuddly, and playful as can be. I just want to thank my dear friends Sue and Anthony for making it all possible. I can't even express how grateful I am to have amazing friends like you. You have helped put some joy back into my life : ) 
My lil man!!

PS: Just because I am taking a short Cancer-break doesn't mean I am going to stop promoting awareness. I have been dishearten with the posts I have seen about "working on my tan" and "being so sunburnt it hurts," if I am talking about you please please please re-read this blog. I would give ANYTHING to know what I know today about the dangers of tanning. It might look good to you now being a little "sun kissed," BUT is it worth your life?? Even if you don't believe skin cancer will happen to you, OLD WRINKLY SKIN WILL!