Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I'm doing ok!!

So I realized that I have once again been totally slacking in my blog writing.  A great deal has happened since my last post including the shock of my new diagnosis setting in and my life of fighting Cancer moving on.

I started the ipi/anti-pd1 trial on August first and received my first dose of this combo treatment. I felt pretty good afterward, no side effects for the first 3 weeks. My family and I even got to sneak in an AMAZING trip to Jamaica. I had a wonderful time and God kept me feeling good both mentally and physically the whole trip!!

The morning after we got back I was scheduled for my 2nd chemo dose. That night and morning I started having intense headaches, during my visit with Dr. Magical I mentioned the headaches and she order a brain MRI for that same day. They are very diligent to say the least at Sloan! But I was nervous as all heck. It was August 22nd, I was suppose to be starting work in less than two weeks and if the tumors were spreading or getting bigger that would mean radiation or surgery ASAP... Not the normal work life I was more than anxious to be a part of again. Yes its great having summers off as a teacher but not when all you have to concentrate on is cancer. I needed this scan to be ok, I needed to get back into the classroom, I needed to be around my co-workers and students, I simply needed to be NEEDED!! Luckily that morning I got the call that the tumors were stable and still to small to do anything about right now. However, you know me I can't go unscathed they did find that my pituitary gland was swollen as a result of the chemo and I may need to go back on steroids. This was Friday, by Sunday morning I was in the emergency room getting IV steroids because the headaches had gotten so intense. That helped for a few days then I started getting really high fevers and by Wednesday I was back in Sloan Urgent Care with a 103.5 temperature. After many, many tests I was sent home with high dose steroids and surprisingly Celebrex for the fevers. My blood test showed that my thyroid level was a little low and my liver enzymes were extremely high. Within a few days on the celebrex and steroids I was feeling much better. I was able to start school and begin working!!

Due to all these crazy side effects, along with a terrible skin rash(also a chemo reaction), I was unable to get my 3rd combo treatment. They thought my immune system was in complete overdrive and needed a break. I was a bit sad and disappointed... I need this chemo and I felt my body was once again letting me down. BUT my Drs. assured me that my body is not letting me down it is doing its job just a little too well and maybe just maybe it means its working!

Two weeks ago my liver levels started to finally go down, and though the rash did flare up a bit again in between it started to improve in time for my 4th and last combo dose treatment. I felt ok for a few days afterward and then I started to get the headaches again. I was brought back in for more test and they found that my thyroid levels are continuing to lower.. low enough that I was put on thyroid meds the next day and will meet with an endocrinologist for further testing.

So now that we are up to date...looking back on the last few months, I am doing OK! I am here, I am working, and most of all I am living. I'm not letting these little things get in my way.

Next week on the 23rd I will have CT scans to see if the treatment is working on the tumors in my liver and spleen, and of course see if there is any new growth. To say I am anxious and nervous is an understatement. But I am NOT giving up hope. I will also have my 1st single dose treatment of just the anti-pd1 chemo. It will be another long day at my second home, Sloan, but I know my mom and Joe will keep me in good spirits as usual.

Thank you for reading!!