Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ok so maybe my break was a little longer than expected but I can say one thing, I NEEDED IT!! I'll try to fill you in on the last couple of months as short and 'sweet' as I can. I started my summer off working for a nearby summer camp for 4 weeks. I was very nervous at first because I would be outside for a lot of the day and as we all know I have been fearing the sun since my diagnosis, but if I was going to truly "Live and NOT Just Survive" I needed to get over my fears. So I put on a hat and lots of sunscreen and guess what I was fine, I was more than fine I was pale and I was happy : ) 

Then in the beginning of August I started my Cancer Patient role again. I first started with Dr. Hottie my Dermatologist, I had two moles removed and both were benign(yaaaaay). Next I had my scans, this time I had both a body CT and a brain MRI. The visit went smoothly, I was able to have both scans done in the same day. Scanxiety was at an all time HIGH but I am very happy to say that both test came back CLEAR!!! (insert happy dance!) Then I had my 3 month treatment, we had a few glitches with my blood and it turned into a nearly 12 hour visit, but in the end I was able to get my treatment and my usual pep talk from my doctors so all was good.

Now here comes the best part, the part where I was truly LIVING it up!! My Trip to Aruba... Yup me a Melanoma patient at a tropical island, I thought that side of me was over.. NOPE. Did I mention that I was living not just surviving yet?? After my summer camp job I felt a little more confident of my ability to be in the sun and stay pale and beautiful ; ) Well Aruba was no different. SUNSCREEN PEOPLE it works!! And for me I added in a large hat, a cabana umbrella on the beach, and "trolling it" under the bridge(there was a walking bridge over the pool that I liked to hangout under when I felt the sun was too much so we called it trolling lol). I even went quad riding on the insanely rocky, muddy, bumpy cliffs of this 'Happy Island'. I was scared out of my mind, almost died a few times, and dirty as all heck but it was worth the crazy amazing experience! A special thanks to my parents for taking us, it reminded me once again that "Life Is Wonder!"

NOW I am back at work with a new class of misfits, I mean lovely children, and just trying to live my normal life. While in the meantime praying my little heart out for my Melanoma Warriors, because there are still too many of us who don't get to jump in the sand. 

Love you all and remember get your annual skin checks!! 

P.S. Jax is also doing great and still continues to give me love and pure joy!