Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Blues.. NOPE NOT THIS YEAR!!!

Sorry I havent written in a few weeks; I was sort of taking a little break from "Melanoma world." But since it is scan week for me I have no choice but to be pulled back in. On Thursday I will receive my 5th organ CT scan and I am trying very hard not to freak out..

AND then I remind myself it's ok to freak out because, well because I have Cancer and I think that anyone in my situation is allowed to freak out on the week you are going to find out if this awful thing has spread to your vital organs!! So this week I am giving myself the "Official Cancer Card" pass. 
YES!! It's an actual card.. LOL!! (thanks Nick)

This week I am officially allowing myself to do whatever I want to do, say whatever comes to my mind, and EAT whatever the heck I want!! Sorry in advance for anything I may or may not do ; )-

Ok now on to the FUN stuff I have been doing while on a brief hiatus from the Big C. First my birthday was probably one of the BEST birthdays I've had so far. It started off with dinner with my dad and Joe at Connolly's on Thursday. Then Friday straight from a half day at work I went up to the Pocono's with my snowboarding/skiing buddies. And despite the fact that I had been feeling nauseous all day, me Joe, Joey and Josh were able to go night skiing(my favorite time to go) at Big Boulder. Ok yeah they might of had to deal with me throwing up a few times, thanks guys!! But even though I felt pretty sick it was an amazing time. I honestly haven't felt this great mentally since being diagnosed. 

I have to admit I was a little nervous about going snowboarding, since I haven't really done anything this physical since my surgeries but I am so glad I went. For me, being on a snowboard gives me this sort of indescribable freeing feeling. When I was snowboarding I wasn't that poor sad girl with cancer, I was a cool carefree boarder chick..hehe but its true, I was doing something that I love to do and I was doing it with a confidence that I have sadly been lacking for awhile. 

The next day Saturday I was feeling much better and me, the J boys, and Tara went to, Camelback, another nearby ski resort. It was such a wonderful day!! I did end up falling right on my lymph node dissected arm, while trying to land a jump, oops sorry mom. I promised I would try to be careful but I was in the groove.. well so I thought.. lol And even though it hurt like hell and I was afraid it was going to start swelling any second, I was FINE!! Afterwards we came back to the house we were renting, and had a wonderful home cooked meal thanks to chef Amy : ) Delicious!! Then we all went out to our favorite townie bar SHENANIGANS! When we came home everyone surprised me with a 'Giants' themed Bday cake : )

On Sunday we drove home early to rest up for Meghan's big super bowl party!! I was so friggin nervous watching this game... I mean this whole season alone has given me enough grey hairs but this game was intense. AMAZINGLY they pulled off another huge Superbowl win and happy couldn't even describe how I was feeling!! I actually cried yup I cried.. hey I deserve some happy tears once in awhile.. 
Now whats funny is my older sister is going to read this post and say how can someone care this much about a stupid football game but my younger sister is going to say yeah I know, I almost cried too : ) Jess this is why your my mini me.. and Jill I don't know how we are related.. jk Love u both!!

Well the next day was finally my actually birthday and by then I was just simply pooped! But I some how made it into work probably still on a GIANTS high! The kids all made me cards and were so excited that it was my birthday, but they wanted to know where my cupcakes were?? (Usually every year my mom would make me cupcakes to bring to share with the class ..yes I AM FIVE.. and yes your just But this year she was in Florida helping my sister) Well I tried to explain to them that I didn't have any time with my long weekend and the Superbowl when I hear a knock on my classroom door.. And standing there was my wonderful Joe with balloons and cupcakes for the whole class!! Thanks MOM : ) She called Joe and had it all planned out. Have I told you yet that I have the best mom and finance ever. The kids were thrilled and ok so was I!

Later that day I could barely move so me and Joe just ordered chinese food and watched a movie... 

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! Thank you to all my friends and family for making it so special.

And thanks for reading.. I will update again after my scans! Please if you could remember on Thursday to maybe keep me in your thoughts and prayers.. LOVE U ALL!!


  1. I'm so glad that you had a great birthday!! Enjoy using your cancer card!!

  2. Awe! Cupcakes at school sent by mom from Florida! Very special! Glad you had a fabulous deserve it!