Saturday, April 7, 2012


When I look back over this year I have mixed emotions. Has this been the toughest year of my life, YES, has this been the worst, not by a long shot. 
This year I have experienced love and pure kindness like I have never experienced before. This year I found out who my true friends are and how they came to my rescue in ways that I will never forget. This year I said yes to the love of my life. This year I met so many amazing and strong people, who became part of my support team. This year...


I know that I have a long and hard road ahead of me to continue to beat the heck out of Melanoma...But this year I made it through and that's something to be proud of!! 

And my amazing family and best friends had no whims about letting me know how truly proud of me they were. They all really made me feel special this past week and I can't thank them enough. 

My week of fun started off with awesome tickets to the Ranger Game, courtesy of Chris and Lauren! Such a fun night : ) 
Next, a night out to dinner with Joe and a wonderful gift... My new Nike FuelBand which has proven to be really motivating for me, and has also, if even possible, brought Joe and I even closer by our daily walks and talks! I haven't had this much exercise since being diagnosed and I feel GREAT. 
Then, my best friends surprised me with a spa gift card(which I soooo desperately need). Love you girls!
Lastly, my sister and my mom took me into the city for a day of fun. The first stop, AGAINST my mom's wishes, was to the Wooster Social Club to get my new tattoo. Afterwards, we walked around and went shopping, and then went to the World Trade Center memorial. Here are some pics:


Guess what I wished for ; )-
After the city my mom made me my favorite dinner and my parents, Joe, and Jessica(my sister) surprised me with a cake and a beautiful cross necklace!! It was truly such a perfect ending to a crazy year. I love you all so very much and you have touched my heart so deeply. 

Ooooooh and yesterday the Derm called with some great news that my second biopsy on my stomach came back with clear margins. Which means they got all the pre-cancerous cells out with the second incision and the new biopsy was negative for Melanoma!! YIPPEE
On Wednesday I go back to Sloan to get my stitches out, so maybe next week I can add the gym into my new exercise routine : )

Thanks for reading and Have a wonderful Easter or Passover with your family and friends! 


  1. Happy Cancerversary! My family didn't even acknowledge mine. Typical, they just want it to go away. Congrats on getting through the year, you deserve it!

  2. Becca I am sorry to hear that, but I know they love you very much! Some people just have a hard time expressing themselves. I am very proud of you, you are one tough cookie!!