Thursday, March 29, 2012

My New Battle Wound!

Yesterday I added a new doctor to my growing list(dermatology surgeon) and a new battle wound to my growing  But seriously, the surgery went as well as expected, they did a very small wide excision about 2inches in length and 8-10 stitches in total. The worst pain was the multiple and I mean multiple local anesthesia needle pokes, after that I didn't really feel much. I think my mom was in more pain than I was... thats how I know how much she truly loves me. And even though we like to joke around with her about the amount of questions she asks my doctors and how overprotective she can sometimes be, I seriously would be lost without her. She has never ever left my side through any of this. She is the strongest person I know and I hope one day that I will have the chance to be at least half the mother she is!!

Last night I had a lot of pain and extreme itchiness but today I am feeling much better, just a bit sore. But I have been in good hands, thanks Joe for helping me yet again! I also plan to be back at work with the little ones tomorrow. I just have to be very cautious, the "lil people" like to hug and hang on me a bit, but I think they will be good about it. 

I should get the results from the new biopsy in about a week but Dr. is very hopeful that they will come back all clear!! So now I just continue on with my crazy great life, with my cool new scar and keep hoping that this will be my last. But since is more likely than not, that I will continue to add 'battles' upon my skin, I will embrace them all as a symbol that I am a fighter.. because, "every scar I have makes me who I am."

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who read my last post and called or messaged me to tell me that you have made your dermatology appts. Especially someone very near and dear.. You make me very happy : )

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