Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I love my job!!

I just want to start this post off by thanking so many of my family, friends, and acquaintances for not only reading but sharing my journey with others...when I hear how my story has touch your lives or even better has gotten you to make an appointment to get a skin check, I truly feel happy. Now when I am feeling down or sad and , yes at times, wondering why me..I have an answer. Maybe God has given me this terrible illness for a reason, maybe just maybe this is my purpose in life, to help educate others.             

Because skin cancer is NOT just skin cancer!!

One of my favorite posts:
"I'm sharing an enlightening story about one of my sororrity sisters who was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma!! I truly admire her strength and bravery through out this whole process, as well as appreciate her sharing her thoughts and life on this matter!! If I can send any message at all, be proactive and get a full body scan every 6 months!! Thanks to Julie I finally made an appointment with the derm today and did infact have a questionable beauty mark that was sent to the lab. Life is too precious to waste on tanning salons and or thinking your invincible!! We have health insurance for a reason, use it wisely. Thank you Julie for opening up my eyes wide!!" 
~Cory Brody

Month 6 - September
Speaking of educating, before I knew it September rolled around. And for the first time I wasn't dreading the end of summer; I was actually happy about going back to work. For me this was a chance to actually start living again. I just had gotten my clean scans, which means I am at least Cancer-free for the next three months, and my next treatment would also not be for another 3 months(since I was now done with the intensive treatment). Three months may not seem like a long time to most people, but at this point I was taking it as a new lease on life. I had spent the last 6months in "cancer-land" and I was ready to take a much needed break. Now I had something else to focus on...being a good teacher! Im not going to lie I was very happy and excited to go back but also a little nervous. What would everyone say, did the parents of my new class know, would they question me about it, how would I respond, would they question my ability to teach, would my principal and co-workers treat me differently..and the list goes on. 
However, NONE of this happened. I was welcomed by all with open arms. The parents who knew told me that they were there for me if I needed anything and how happy they were that I was back and feeling good; and not one person said a word about it affecting my teaching. My principal was extremely good about me taking days off for my various Dr. appointments. And before I knew it I was back to my old self and back in my old routine.. ok yeah I was more tired and worn out at the end of the day than I use to be and I did have to cut back on doing after school teaching and tutoring. But just being around these wonderful children was probably the best medicine I could have received. They didn't see me as being different, they just see you as being their kind and great(hehe) teacher! And my class this year is very overly affectionate and, yes maybe a bit clingy and needy at times, so in other words they are EXACTLY what I need. When I am in the classroom I have no time to worry or even think about myself, I have 25 little people taking ALL of my time and full attention : ) 

AND this is why I truly LOVE my job and my school for always being kind, supportive, and very caring!! 

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  1. Kids make everything better, or crazier! Lol! Glad they could take your mind off of "things".